Auto Accident Information Is Vital When Establishing Your Case

report.jpgAn automobile accident, no matter how small, can be a life changing event. For some, a simple fender bender can result in a "he said, she said" scenario in which no one is held responsible for the damages. For others, an accident caused by reckless driving may result in loss of mobility for life. No matter how large or small your automobile accident may be, the key to ensuring a fair outcome is collecting the right auto accident information at the scene. Here are some steps that may help to ensure that you receive proper compensation should you ever find yourself involved in a car accident.

1. File a Report

If a car accident requires assistance from the police, an auto accident report will be generated at the scene. This report will contain information about both drivers, as well as an accurate account of what happened to cause the accident. If you are involved in a seemingly inconsequential accident that does not require immediate assistance from the police department, it is still a good idea to visit your local police department to report the accident. By doing this, you will have documented what happened so that the other party involved cannot claim additional damages later.

2. Request a Copy of the Report

Simply filing an accident report is not enough. After a few days, it is a good idea to visit the police department and attain a copy of the report. If you will be working with your insurance company for repairs on the car or for healthcare needs, they will need a copy of this form.

3. Enlist Help

Some people involved in auto accidents have found that being armed with the right information is sometimes not enough. If you are having trouble getting your car repairs taken care of, or if your insurance claims are denied altogether, it may be time to visit with an attorney. The aftermath of a car accident can be confusing at best. A qualified auto accident attorney will be able to assist with unpaid insurance claims, inaccurate car valuations, and by filing a personal injury lawsuit, if necessary.

By making sure you have the right auto accident information at your disposal, overcoming the negative effects of car accidents can be much easier. If an insurance company has denied your claim, however, an accident attorney may be able to help. Call 801-533-0222 today to receive your FREE consultation with an experienced auto accident attorney at Robert B. Sykes & Associates.