Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

doctor-3.jpgOne of the most severe injuries that can result from auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, or other personal injury incidents is known as traumatic brain injury, or TBI. There are many symptoms of traumatic brain injury. Understanding them will help you determine whether or not you should work with a TBI lawyer to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and diminished quality of life after an accident. The following is a list of symptoms to help patients recognize that they may be dealing with TBI injuries.

Mild Symptoms

Some forms of traumatic brain injury can be relatively mild and temporary. These might include any of the following symptoms:

  • The person experiences loss of consciousness for a few seconds or a few minutes.
  • The individual experiences a state where they feel confused, disoriented, or dazed.
  • They have trouble remembering things or concentrating.
  • They experience headaches, loss of balance, or dizziness.
  • They experience nausea and/or vomiting.
  • Their vision is blurred.
  • They experience ringing in their ears or have a weird taste in their mouth.
  • They become more sensitive to light and sound.
  • Their mood changes, and they become more depressed, anxious, or fatigued.
  • They have difficulty sleeping or sleep more than usual.

Moderate to Severe Symptoms

If the injury is more extreme, the following moderate to severe symptoms of traumatic brain injury may occur:

  • The person experiences loss of consciousness for several minutes or hours.
  • They are very confused.
  • Their behavior is unusual and agitated.
  • Their speech is slurred.
  • They cannot wake up from sleep.
  • They have weakness or numbness in their toes and fingers.
  • They lose their coordination.
  • They have a persistent headache that gets worse.
  • They continually vomit and feel nauseated.
  • They experience convulsions or seizures.
  • Their pupils are dilated.
  • They have clear fluids draining from their ears and nose.

If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, it is important to seek medical help immediately. Also, make sure to consult with an attorney to determine if you qualify for compensation under the law. Call 801-533-0222 today to receive a free case consultation from an experienced TBI lawyer at Robert B. Sykes & Associates.